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What you can do with our site....


Take a look through our online database of available products.   To receive a quote on an individual item, simply enter your color, artwork and quantity preferences and proceed through checkout. No order commitment is required.  Pricing results will be emailed within an hour of submission.


Wading through the endless product options on the market can be both time-consuming and confusing.  Take advantage of our industry experience by answering a few basic questions in our Product Coach tool.  We will get back to you with some well-researched options.  Get started here.


To receive multiple quotes and recommendations from suppliers in your area, simply answer some general information about your program needs here. Results will be emailed or uploaded to your locker within 48 hours.


Exclusively for larger leagues, districts or schools who centralize purchasing for their organization, this option offers the highest level of customization with a full branding profile and the most competitive pricing.  We are currently working to expand the available styles within this category.


Every month we upload exclusive product offerings that are available to authorized buyers.  Please contact us directly to inquire about this program.


We are building a community of experienced buyers who are passionate about product and want to contribute to future development.  Our team works closely with designers and manufacturers to shape, test and provide feedback on new concepts before they go to production.  Please click here to apply.

How are we different....


Buyers can dramatically expand their product and customization options by tapping into our international network of domestic and international manufacturers.


Through online tracking, email notifications and chat support, we are committed to full transparency with buyers on their production and delivery status.


Our lineup includes a full range of branding options, from adding logos to local  inventory items to special-request orders at one of our manufacturing facilities.


For repeat customers, we create a customized web page (or locker) that can be used to share concepts with associates and store quotes/orders for future reference.


We are building a team of experienced buyers at all competition levels to pre-screen and review new product concepts before new styles come to market.


Product information is seamlessly shared between the parties involved in the transaction. Removing the “relay” of specifications reduces order and production errors.

Let us do the work for you.

Where We're Going

When we sought feedback from buyers as to how to make the biggest impact in today’s market, they steered us towards building a centralized solution that prioritized the needs of the customer instead of simply selling product.  They expressed a desire for more transparency in the supply chain, information-sharing between buyers, better online support tools, more purchasing options and an opportunity to influence future products. So, we went to work. What we came up with is a large-scale partnership; a community of buyers, designers, manufacturers, distributors and digital professionals who are committed to a common goal.

We’re changing the game with TeamLocker and hope you’ll join us!

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