Factory Quote

 From concept to delivery:

This factory-direct program is for larger volume buyers who require full customization to meet their pricing, function or branding needs.

Whether you have a physical sample, design specs or just an idea, we will work with you to deliver a product that meets your exact requirements.

    1. Send us the details to start the conversation.
    2. We’ll do our research and send digital design concepts.
    3. Make any necessary adjustments and authorize a sample order.
    4. You’ll receive a digital prototype, exact pricing and a shipping schedule.
    5. Submit a purchase order directly to our supplier.
    6. If required, a pre-production sample is provided
    7. Track your order progress online.

Please email us here with any questions.

Note: For any inquiries that do not meet the minimum quantity required for production, we will provide alternative purchasing options. 

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